This weekend I attended Focus Festival in Wrexham. Focus is an industry showcase festival and primevally showcases new bands and artists. The festival takes place in many venues across the city meant that a) there’s no mud and b) there’s a large choice of excellent beer. Here’s the rundown of the Friday and Saturday that I attended.

Friday 5th May

Gallops – Love Gallops

Squid – Very talented drummer/lead lead singer – Jazz indy

Delta Radio – Psych Blues Band

Cowboy – I’m taking my guitar back and getting a refund – it does not make the same noises that these guys got from their’s. It was chip toontastic.

Shelf Lives – Electro punk – awesome

Baba Ali – Stunning stage presence

Afro Cluster – Great set


Saturday 6th May

Alekxandr – I love him, he played new stuff that’s on his upcoming album, and my favourite Tell Jackson I love him.

Dafydd Iwan – Legend

Kidsmoke – Planning a second album – these guys are great

Mary Shelley – The energy they had was amazing, they trashed the bar – I had to help put the pump back together after. The poor bar staff were shocked. We text the owner with photos.

Ben Ottewell – In a church, on the way in we saw him, Stu went ‘Alright Ben’ and he was – the church had ran out of beer so we were forced to drink wine

The Coral – OMG it’s 2003 again, they played all the hits, and were everything that you’s want them to be. Stu had the last pint of Wrexham Larger from the tent bar earlier in the day so was forced to drink Red Stripe

Campfire Social – they were so acoustic that the did it outside the venue

Either Da – fuzzy garage rock

Dream Wife

Walt Disco

Declan Swans – It got a bit messy at this point – we did Always Sunny in Wrexham twice – it was very much called for – I think I may still hurt a little bit from jumping about.

Shout out to bands we couldn’t see

Muddy Elephant

Go Go Machine Orchestra

Bedroom Party

Invisible Architecture

Cosmic Dog Fog




Alpha Chino

Acid Klaus


Great two day – messy in places – I’ve just bought tickets for next year!