We started the Easter holiday with a celebration of life for Kay at the Conservative Club on the Friday we broke up.

On the first Thursday, after work, we went up to Hayley’s in Chirk. Then on Friday, we went off to Porthmadog for a long weekend. We’d paid extra for an early check-in but found that the campsite had got the caravans mixed up and had to wait for them to sort out our van. In the evening, we took the children swimming and then went to the site club, followed by the arcade.

On Saturday, we did archery in the morning, visited Porthmadog for ice cream, and the children went on an inflatable obstacle course in the swimming pool. Then, we had a meal in the site pub.

On Sunday, we attempted some crabbing but failed to catch anything and had a lovely meal at the Black Rock Beach Club for Hayley’s mom’s wedding anniversary.

We came home on Monday. We had planned to stop at Hayley’s on the way back, but traffic had other plans, and we came straight home.