Lately, I’ve been facing network issues that have been causing headaches and disruptions to my work. My devices were clocking in at just 10mbps on speed tests and even a wired connection was not providing any significant improvement. This was not what I was used to with my Unify network at home which had been providing reliable services throughout the pandemic. However, in the last few days, the performance of my network had plummeted to a new low.

On Friday night, the situation came to a head when my internet connection dropped and it took multiple reboots to bring it back up. I was fed up with the constant interruption and decided to do something about it. After ruling out faults with my Untangle box and the Unify interface, I had a hunch that the problem might lie with the connection to the access point in my kitchen. I remembered that when I installed the access point, I had accidentally run the cable over a hot water pipe, causing damage to the insulation.

I took the plunge and disconnected the kitchen access point, and to my surprise, the speed of my network improved significantly. I had found the root cause of my network issues. I immediately ordered a Cat6 reaper box and plan to terminate the connection tomorrow when it arrives. I hope that this will provide a permanent solution to my network problems and provide me with the speed and reliability that I need.

In conclusion, if you’re facing slow network speeds and constant disruptions, it may be worth looking at your access points and connections. By taking a logical approach and making simple changes, you may be able to fix the problem and get your network back up to speed.

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