Monday arrives with a sense of calm when compared to an epic weekend. We went to Wrexham to visit friends and attend a 60th birthday party on Saturday night. During our previous party experience, 7-year-old (who was 6 at the time) conked out at 8 pm, but this time he was up and about until the party ended at midnight. Unfortunately, he insisted on getting up as soon as it got light, and was shouting (he has no indoor voice) at 6:30. This has left us with a grumpy boy this morning who is upset at having to go to bed early tonight.

The birthday party was held at the Lion Quays and was an excellent event. It offered lovely food, great company, and live music by Rhythm Train. A wonderful night was had by all.

We returned home on Sunday and tackled mundane tasks like ironing and shopping. For dinner, we opted for a Harvester delivery. Despite exhaustion from the weekend, the memories made from the events were well worth it.

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